short statements from active participants:

„There is nothing like this on the whole planet!”

„The metaphor works and the direct feedback is awesome. Congratulation.“

„very impressive!“

„Crystal clear now. Very powerful message!“

„Excellent way to get a fast response to given instructions.“

„definitely, unexpected useful method of skills-improvement for leadership“

„this was a drill about attitude, emotions and actions“

„I finally started thinking out of the box!“

„Actually I started liking my employees even more“


“’The sound of leadership’ is the most unique and powerful leadership seminar I have experienced. To conduct you need to be a true leader, paint your vision and connect with your team. This seminar will transform the way you lead. “

Dr Darryl McConnell Research Site Head Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Centre Vienna

“The metaphor works and the direct feedback is awesome. Congratulation.“

Eivind Slaaen, Head of People & Culture Development, Hilti Corporation, Liechtenstein

“The program „conducting is leading“ according to The Sound of Leadership is both a practical and useful illustration on important aspects of the leadership process: connection, self-awareness, collaboration and teamwork.

Florian and his string quartet are highly professional and precise in their participant-feedback. We experience the valuable benefits of this experimental learning program in the managers’ continuous developmental process.“

Beate Karlsen, former programdirector of Solstrandprogrammet, an executive education program, AFF at the Norwegian School of Economics

„Music is an incredibly empathic teacher, particularly for rational executi- ves; and the musicians not only play great but also give excellent feedback on leadership: a life-time experience! I wish I’d had this leadership experience when I was in my thirties rather than in my sixties!“

DI DDr. Manfred Reichl, managing partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants for many years; now senior advisor, investor and board member

„A great concept without any HR esotericism. Particularly for top managers because it teaches self-awareness in a very subtle way. Just like top managers, conductors are scrutinized in everything they do. Language, posture, gestures – nuances you hardly notice other- wise become immediately audible like through a magnifying glass. Nothing needs to be said, you can hear it anyway!“

Dr. Peter Malanik, former CEO Austrian Airlines

„It was especially the co-operation with the precisely working musicians that taught me once more the importance of focussing on what is really important and of preparation. I also learned the art of „story telling“, to improve my communication in order to orchestrate and conduct the musicians in the best possible way – notably without playing an instrument myself or even being able to read music.“

Christoph Götze, Director Sales, Europe Central at Frequentis

“As a leader you are constantly under observation – like a conductor: every action causes a reaction. Ultimately also for managers in companies it’s all about implementing a vision, an interpretation of the goals set in a world whose language you do not necessarily speak. How can I motivate professionals to contribute to my own symphony? What you need, you learn in this seminar. ”

Dr. Ernst Balla, HR Director, voestalpine MetalForming GmbH

The Sound of Leadership was a fresh and insightful approach to leadership training.  As someone with no musical training, I was completely out of my comfort zone conducting a piece of classical music with professional musicians.  Nonetheless, Florian and his team were able to create a conducive learning environment to induct his participants into the music, while focusing on honing the key elements of leadership though conducting.  It is an active, hands-on learning experience suited for business leaders and general managers who need to deal with uncertainty and constantly evolving environments, and looking for something different.  Being treated to a splendid musical performance by the quartet conducted by yourself and fellow participants at the end of program made it truly memorable.

LAW Yi Chung, former Centre Director Europe, Singapore Economic Development Board

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